Yoni Yoga: Orgasmic Pelvic Health


“The female pelvis is a powerhouse of energy transformation; the very throne of creation through which universal creative energy patterns course and flow.” –Rosita Arvigo, DN

Orgasmic Pelvic Health is a juicy combination of sexual education, pelvic floor yoga, breath-work and meditation designed to reawaken and reclaim your sacred anatomy for radiant sexual health. Explore the mysteries rooted in your sexuality and expand upon your knowledge of female arousal. 

In this playful session, we invite pleasure into the body by bringing awareness to the core, learning the anatomy, physiology, and function of the pelvic floor, and expanding upon the art of female arousal. Through a sensual yoga practice, we lubricate the hips and pelvis while learning to take it slow like good foreplay. Explore these Orgasmic Pelvic Health practices and cultivate more ecstatic pleasure and full bodied aliveness in your whole being. 

This is a safe space to discuss all things yoni, sex, moon cycle, childbirth, and pelvic floor-related. 

  • Learn the anatomy of arousal and pelvic floor health
  • A safe-being, safe-talking place to share openly about the most intimate details of your sexual life
  • Practice establishing, communicating and negotiating boundaries
  • Learn to love yourself again after sexual abuse or trauma
  • Heal from sexual trauma or traumatic child birth.
  • Change habitual sexual roles or scripts
  • Discover who you are as an erotic being
  • Become a better lover and learn the art of sacred touch
  • Walk the path of sacred sexuality
  • Awaken to conscious sexuality– Practice giving and receiving, asking for and granting permission for touch
  • Reconnect a loss or lack of sexual desire– inside or outside of relationship
  • Explore and connect to self-pleasure