“Beyond all thoughts,
beyond all emotions and physical form,
in the stillness of the silence,
we discover who we really are.”

Wind Hughes


Create Your Own
Personal Retreat

Personal retreats are all about you; your schedule, your body, and your desires. 

Perhaps you’re in need of a quiet escape from the daily stresses of life, or a therapeutic weekend of self-discovery. Maybe you’re looking for a retreat to awaken your creativity, or a strong physical practice cleansing you from the inside out. Regardless of your intention, a personal retreat can help bring you back to your true nature of bliss.

“What is really important to me? What steps can I take in order to gain inner peace, balance and harmony? How can I lead a joyful and useful life?” Sometimes we find clarity to these questions through stillness and self-care practices. Personal retreats offer a blend of space and guidance to lead you on a pathway to healthier, happier life experiences. 

Relax in the natural beauty of Orcas Island in the San Juans. Wrap yourself in the timeless teachings of Yoga. Unwind your stress with a healing Bodywork Session. Honor your life with a significant ritual or Ceremony. Reconnect with your breath and find your truth.

Customize your Personal Retreat to create exactly what you need for your healing experience.

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Holistic Well-Woman Care Retreat

Description to come...

BOOK YOUR RETREAT >  Email info@orcasmandala.com for pricing & availability.