I approached Suzi because I was curious. Through her personal and professional knowledge of the inner world of the pelvic bowl - and its connection to overall health and healing - she opened a new dimension of psycho-somatic awareness within me. I would recommend Suzi to people who are looking to explore a profound new approach to healing trauma.
— H.B.

I met Suzi about six years ago when I took her slow yoga class at Orcas Mandala. It was perfect for me… positions held for a long time without quick transitions between positions, explanations of what we were doing and why. I loved it. I decided my husband, who was experiencing the early stages of Alzheimer’s would benefit from it as well. After one class, he said it was too fast for him, but he agreed to individual sessions with Suzi. Eventually I began attending his private sessions also. After a year, he stopped but I continued because I loved having a yoga practice tailored to my own needs. Plus, Suzi is simply a wonderful human being, filled with love and compassion, humor, and Spirit. Each time we meet, she asks what I need and want for that day rather than having her own agenda. Her approach is gentle, and she’s taught me about the subtle movements that will help my body become stronger and more flexible. She is always encouraging. Suzi is not just a yoga instructor. She is a healer and a teacher, a spiritual being who ministers to the people she comes into contact with simply by being herself. At the end of each session, when we say, “Namaste,” I know that the sacred in each of us has been honored.
— N.R.

Whether you seek a yoga class, cranial sacral work, massage, therapeutic touch, pelvic floor work or post-partam healing, Suzi Zobrist is quite simply a dedicated healer for body, mind and spirit. Educated, knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, and wise, Suzi embodies all this as she brings over 20 years of experience to her work with her clients of all ages. I cannot recommend her highly enough! To me, at 76, Suzi is a godsend. She is very professional, knowledgeable, understanding, and patient. Working with her has kept me strong, limber and balanced for the past 10 years.
— N.A.

Words cannot truly convey the appreciation and deep gratitude I have for you– for all the time, thought, instruction, and heart you put into designing and facilitating my healing yoga retreat. The magic you have to make our time together each day safe and loving, so I could allow blocks to come up and be healed, is a specific gift. I value all the tools and your extreme patience and strength in teaching the breath and yoga poses, not to mention the deep work done on the table and the guided meditations. Who knew so much would be revealed to me in just 10-days time!! All of it has just been perfect.
— P.C.

You have been so wonderful and so kind in shining your light onto me when I needed it the most. I’m so grateful that I was able to meet such a beautiful soul especially in the midst of hard times.
— V.K.