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“Root Medicine is the wealth of healing resources that a woman learns in the process
of restoring the physical and energetic balance to the root of her body.”

Tami Lynn Kent– “Wild Feminine”



It is time for women to remember our ancestral roots as Healers and reclaim the ancient traditions of feminine health and wellness. 

Well-Woman Care weaves together ancient modalities with heartfelt wisdom to help women on their healing journey towards optimal wellbeing. Well-Woman Care provides resources and self-care tools to holistically support your long-term vibrant health. Become intimate with your own physiology and experience your fullest expression of vitality.



Pelvic health Bodywork

Restore Vitality to Your Root

Suzi Zobrist, LMT, offers an innovative new bodywork modality for women’s health and pelvic wellness. Using an integrative approach, Suzi supports women who are experiencing birth, trauma or surgery-related pain in their pelvis or pelvic floor. She addresses the four domains of healing (biomechanics, biochemical, emotions and scar tissue), to heal the root cause of pelvic imbalance.

Pelvic Health Bodywork sessions bring strength and vitality to your core, help resolve imbalances in the pelvic bowl, provide relief from prolapse, pelvic pain, postpartum muscle imbalances, incontinence, diminished libido, general disconnect, and enhance the well-being of your sensual and sexual core and ability to receive pleasure.

Pelvic Health Bodywork is preventive self-care and a restorative treatment. It can improve symptoms experienced with a variety of female specific health complaints, as well as provide support during the multitude of transitions that a woman encounters throughout her life. This holistic perspective addresses the challenging and complex physical and emotional issues women are experiencing today.  

Pelvic Health Bodywork includes hands-on visceral work and fascial release, breathwork and visualization tools, client education about self-care protocols, trauma counseling, support for lifestyle and nutritional changes, movement practices and active relaxation tools. 

Your Pelvic Health session begins with a detailed intake history and treatment goals. We will introduced/review pelvic anatomy, followed by an assessment to evaluate, and identify holding patterns in the body. Treatment sessions restore balance, and enhance vibrant flow in the pelvic bowl. Clients receive a workable treatment plan that addresses the root causes of their symptoms and identify the obstacles to healing.

Pelvic Health Bodywork Sessions are most effective done in a Series.



  • Clear pelvic congestion and support pelvic wellness
  • Restore pelvic muscle imbalance and engagement
  • Address pelvic pain and menstrual imbalances
  • Support sexual health and wellness
  • Facilitate pelvic connection and proprioception
  • Provide preventative support during the transition to menopause and long term vaginal health
  • Prepare for conception, birth and support postpartum healing
  • Help heal from traumatic birth experiences and pregnancy losses
  • Restore pelvic presence post-surgery or as a result of pelvic trauma
  • Encourage self care and root wisdom


  • Fascial and scar tissue adhesion
  • Decreased range of motion and movement in the pelvic bowl
  • Frequent urinary tract infections or urine leakage
  • Episiotomies, birth tears, cesarean section
  • Surgeries
  • Pain or imbalance in pelvic bowl after an IUD
  • Injuries
  • Decreased health and vitality
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pelvic organ prolapse, rectocele/cystocele
  • Birth trauma
  • Painful menstruation, PCOS, endometriosis
  • Loss of sensation or numbness in pelvic bowl
  • Decreased sexual function and libido/orgasm
  • Abnormal PAP tests
  • Infertility and difficulty conceiving
  • Vaginismus
  • Vulvodynia
  • Irritable bowl syndrome or constipation

Ritual Postpartum Care

“Postpartum Care is a necessity and not a luxury for women’s LIFE-LONG health and well-being.”  –Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM

The Postpartum phase has been honored throughout cultures around the world as a laying in period that is crucial to a new mother's health and new family bonding. The Fourth Trimester is marked by traditions and rituals to support a time of extended REST, bringing WARMTH to mother and baby, providing NOURISHMENT by way of healing foods, and providing BODYWORK to support overall healing and well being.



Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming (or vaginal steaming) is a powerful ancient remedy for deep feminine wellness. Used for centuries by women worldwide, this self-care treatment is a holistic health practice in which the warmth of herbal steam gently permeates the exterior of the vulva and opens the cervix. Yoni steaming provides effective support for the female reproductive system, improves menstrual health and fertility, and provides detoxification and relaxation. Using a blend of medicinal herbs, countless women have ended years of painful menstruation, achieved the dream of conceiving a child, or released trauma stored in their womb. 

Women's Sacred Anatomy

Women's Sacred Anatomy is somatic sex education that utilizes a variety of educational modalities in order to encourage the client’s whole erotic, sensual self to blossom. Sexological Bodyworkers are trained in breathwork, conscious movement and touch, massage, pelvic release bodywork, scar tissue remediation, genital anatomy and Orgasmic Yoga coaching. Somatic sex education is a body-based modality to nurture, deepen or awaken the embodied self. 


Holistic Breast Care

"Our breasts are giving us a wake-up call as women— to start taking care of ourselves: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and to start receiving as much as we are giving, to be in right relationship with Life." –Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Holistic Breast Care is one of the greatest gifts to a women's body and is a revolutionary act of self care. Breast care is a vital missing piece in women’s health and is most often diagnostic in nature. Become your own ‘breast expert” by learning simple self-care tools that will serve you for a lifetime of breast health and wellness. 

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