Life-long Health for Women

“Postpartum Care is a necessity and not a luxury for women’s LIFE-LONG health and well-being.”   –Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM

The Postpartum phase is honoured in cultures around the world as a crucial laying-in period for family bonding and the health of a new mother. The Fourth Trimester is marked by ancient traditions and rituals to support a time of extended  rest, bringing warmth to mother and baby, providing nourishment through healing foods, and providing bodywork to support overall healing and well being.


  • Holistic Pelvic Care and Pelvic Health Bodywork
  • Birth Story Listening support to gain a new understanding for integrating and embodying the pregnancy and birth experience
  • Belly binding to support uterine ligaments while providing warmth and grounding to the nervous system
  • Coaching on nourishing foods and herbs that build blood, assist lactation, and ease digestion
  • Moxibustion treatment on the abdomen or low back to bring warmth, blood flow and healing to the uterus
  • Vaginal steams and herbal sitz baths offering warm moist heat directly to pelvic floor muscles to promote healing
  • Scar tissue remediation with castor oil on the perineum and abdomen to prevent fascial adhesions
  • Bone-Closing Ceremony to close the birth portal and honor the profound opening and expansion required of birth or releasing a pregnancy


Full Spectrum Services  

These Root Medicine offerings are a combination from trainings with Rachelle Garcia Seliga (INNATE Postpartum Care),Tami Kent (Holistic Pelvic Care) and Kimberly Ann Johnson (The Fourth Trimester). 

You don't need to have a baby to be a postpartum mother needing care. Full-Spectrum Service means that anyone in the birth spectrum, including those that have undergone miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth or other birth loss, should be able to receive the care they deserve. Your body still needs tending, with or without a partner, family, etc. You deserve space to grieve, to be nurtured, and to heal.



Closing the Bones 1.jpg

A rebozo closing, also known as "Closing of the Bones", is a postpartum healing ceremony to honor and close the journey the mother took through pregnancy and birth. It allows the mother to feel nurtured and celebrates her new passage into motherhood. The "Closing of the Bones" Ceremony is designed for mothers from 6 weeks postpartum and beyond. The Ceremony is open to all mothers at any time who wish to find some closure for themselves and wish to take part.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the “Golden Gate” or “Life Gate” opens at birth to allow the passage of the baby. During postpartum, this gate must be closed for proper healing and renewal of a strong life force. This Ceremony incorporates Moxabustion herbal treatment to support womb health and assist in the closing of the gateway.

The Ceremony helps to bring healing to those who have experienced loss through miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth or other birth loss. Often this postpartum time goes unacknowledged in our culture and women are left to grieve in silence. This ritual honors the Blessing received from this intimate womb encounter.

Bring healing to traumatic or unexpected birth experiences. This Ceremony is for Mothers who are feeling troubled about some aspect of their birth or are having difficulty transitioning in the postpartum period or connecting with their child. 

"Ayurveda, the ancient 'science of life' of India, teaches the principle 'forty-two days for forty-two years,' which claims that the way a mother is nourished for the first six weeks after birth can determine how successfully she gives her light to the world for her next four decades.” 
–The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, Heng Ou