Experience the thrill and visceral joy of feeling pleasurably alive and sensually empowered! 

The pathway to our deepest sexual and personal healing begins with basic information describing how we are put together. This session for women identifies and defines the function and location of female sensual and sexual anatomy. Suzi Zobrist, Erotic Educator & Certified Sexological Bodyworker, will guide you through Ceremonial practices to reconnect you to your sensuality and pleasure. Explore the mysteries rooted in your sexuality, reawaken and reclaim your sacred womanhood, deepen your knowledge of pelvic anatomy and learn pranayama practices to invite pleasure into your whole being (not just your genitals). Demystify your sacred anatomy of arousal and access your deepest ecstatic potential.


    What gives you pleasure? 

    Pleasure connects us to ourselves. To choose pleasure, we have to ask what we really need, want and desire. This is what truly gives us pleasure, not what we think ‘should’ give us pleasure, or what we do out of habit, loyalty and many more ‘reasons’. What feeds your soul? What raises your energy? What makes you feel alive?

    Sessions are for Women interested in cultivating more ecstatic pleasure and experiencing full bodied aliveness. Suzi assists women, couples, and groups in private sessions on the phone, in person or within workshops. Learn new skills and bring more sensuality, intimacy, fun, juice, aliveness, and pleasure into your life! Turn-on your Pleasure and Light Up Your Life!

    Places to explore:

    • Women’s Sacred Anatomy
    • Arousal & erectile tissue network
    • Female ejaculation
    • Pelvic floor breathing
    • Orgasmic Yoga Practice
    • Genital Mapping
    • Sensual Yoga practice


    • To overcome your sexual concerns, feelings of shame or anything else that keeps you from enjoying a fulfilling and healthy sex life?
    • New approaches to help you to get to know your own body and your sexual anatomy, which will increase both your confidence and your pleasure?
    • Simple yet powerful new ways to transform how you give, receive and experience your sexual pleasure?
    • How to ask for what you want and say no to what you don’t want –and still feel good about doing so?
    • To generate and cultivate your own sexual arousal enhancing the quality of your sexual pleasure and experiences?
    • To become sexually confident and confident in your sexual self?