Sex(y) Soiree: Bachelorette Party/Girls Night In


A sex ed. extravaganza (and yoga party)

Learn tips and tricks to make your sex life more sensational, and tap into your own pleasure potential. This playful, informative class provides a safe space to learn and ask questions about sex and sex-related topics. Empower yourself with the knowledge of your own Sacred Anatomy and learn how to ask for what you want! 

  • How to turn on your lady bits: women’s anatomy of arousal
  • Female ejaculation and the Art of Squirting
  • Yoni Care- moon cycle, vaginal steaming, and all things down under
  • Pussy play: orgasmic yoga practice
  • Table-time techniques for fun partner-play

Enjoy a Yoga practice to get the juices flowing in your hips and pelvis and cultivate more ecstatic pleasure and full bodied aliveness to your life. Work with a pranayama (breath) practice throughout class to turn on your core and lubricate your roots of self-pleasure. 

Experience the thrill and visceral joy of feeling pleasurably alive and sensually empowered! This hands-off, clothes-on workshop for women* is guaranteed to Light Up Your Life!

This workshop is for significantly female-identified people. We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.